Success Stories

by Deirdre on ADV Technical Institute

An outstanding exam review preparation. I passed my PMP on the first attempt.

by James Witherspoon on ADV Technical Institute

For the first time in my career, I was tabbed as key personal on a proposal. One catch…a PMP was required for all key personnel. Subsequently, I was immediately put on the fast track to get my PMP. Coach Mariam was brought on board to help me prepare for the exam. Within a months’ time, I was prepared to sit for the PMP. Coach Mariam’s approach is Process Group centric. This allowed me to understand the logical relationships between processes, tools, techniques, inputs and outputs versus just relying on memory recall. Thanks to Coach Mariam and a lot of studying, I passed the PMP exam!

by Shafia on ADV Technical Institute

Mariam Azam taught a PMP crash course I attended in 2018. With loads of content to get through in a short week, Mariam somehow made lessons consumable and was always willing to answer questions in and out of the classroom. I ended up passing the exam with flying colors (excellent score in every section) and I credit Mariam for her dedication as an instructor and for having her door always open. Since gaining my PMP certification, I approach challenges in my project in a more systematic and logical way and have seen a significant bump in my salary. If you're thinking about taking this course, make sure you have time to dedicate to studying and learn from the best. Thank you Mariam!

by Erica Daye on ADV Technical Institute

I'm so glad for the opportunity to review this company. Not only was my experiencing fulfilling, I learned a lot. The instructor for my class was Maryam. She was knowledgeable and patient. She went above and beyond to help our class not just learn the material but know it. My class was over 6 months ago and Maryam continues to periodically follow up to see how I'm doing and even offering help. It doesn't get any better than that.