Organizations had to quickly transition to an elegant, reactive approach based on agile principles. Agile transformation is a process that helps organizations transform their mindsets to become more agile. It is a sustained effort that allows individuals and organizations to change their perspectives. Getting people to work together requires a code of ethics, even if informal. This code of ethics sets out what is acceptable and what is possible. Doing so will help in building self-organized teams. The continuous state of change and volatility of the market forces businesses to adopt Agile transformation. Startups can compete with big corporations by focusing on speed and quality. More companies can attract and retain competitive advantage by transforming an entire organization into an Agile environment. However, while more and more people embrace Agile, most are still waiting to make the changes necessary to become Agile-centric. Agile transformation is about delivering instant, intimate, and frictionless value. By first defining your organization’s agility, you can answer the question, “Why does my organization need to become more agile?”.
Because so many changes are happening so quickly, businesses need to develop the capability to adapt and learn with equal speed. This strategy and vision will guide your journey as you meet the key milestones.

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