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Smart Goals - SMART Goals

Happy 2022! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2022!
My 6th grader came into my office frantically saying, “Mom! Mom! My English teacher wants us to write SMART Goals for 2022. What is that?  What am I going to do? It’s due on Friday.”

Of course, I chuckled, began to calm her down, and explained the process. She replies in her pre-teen tone, “Mom, English, please. LOL.”

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Timebound.


When creating goals, be specific. The more detailed, the better. This allows for a decisive plan that can be measured later. For example, say you want to become a certified project management professional.
The goal may be “I want to be a certified project management professional,” but that is not specific.
The goal should be, “I want to be a certified project management professional by June 1.”


Because the goal was specific – not generic – it is measurable. . A measurable goal determines success and assists with accuracy to see the success.
For example, “I will review ADV Technical Institute’s PMP Boot Camp and enroll in their program by February 12.”


Actionable is where one decides how they will achieve the goal. What tools or resources can be used to achieve the goals?For example, “I will utilize ADV’s study plan to ensure I am on track to take the exam on May 31st.”


Goals should align with values and long-term goals (remember your why).
Relevancy is essential with goals because often, we have many goals and subgoals to monitor. This is the moment to evaluate the amount of effort that goals take to be finished first.
Your main goal is to attain certification by June 1. However, smaller goals must be reached first.
For example, by utilizing the various Project Management resources/tools provided by ADV Technical Institute to organize and plan your goals to complete certification.

Timebound is a specific date or deadline to get this done. You made your deadline to become PMP certified by June 1.

While there are many things attached to SMART goals, this is a reminder that SMART Goals are an ongoing process where you may have to reevaluate or revise regularly the goal, how they are measured, and actionable.
For example, yes, you completed PMP training to be PMP certified, now you have to ensure you take your exam by June 1st and pass to get that PMP after your name.

Use SMART Goals to start the next step in your journey.

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