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27 reviews for Project Management (PMP/CAPM) – Live Class

  1. Christopher L Morton, Project Manager

    I am so honored that I was able to attend this training through this institution. Not only was I able to pass my PMI exam, I was able to score above target. My recommendation would be to take the training with Mariam and her counter parts and utilize the practice exams.

  2. Dawn Presti, Senior Project Manager Consultant

    Mariam was awesome! She helped me every step of the way, always reinsuring me that I had what it takes to succeed and would pass the test with her help. Everything was covered thoroughly, and practice tests and questions were given along the way. She was always available for questions outside of class and she would check in periodically. She has a great teaching method, explains it with real-life scenarios, and was always encouraging. She made it easy to ask questions and have open discussions. Having the practice tests she gave us, along with the practice tests and mock exams online was another piece that helped reinforce what I learned.

  3. Anvar Adelshin

    Mariam was a great help while I was studying for the PMP exam. She had some great insight to assist me in completing and obtaining my PMP certification.

  4. xeryl

    good job

  5. Erica Daye

    I’m so glad for the opportunity to review this company. Not only was my experiencing fulfilling, I learned a lot. The instructor for my class was Maryam. She was knowledgeable and patient. She went above and beyond to help our class not just learn the material but know it. My class was over 6 months ago and Maryam continues to periodically follow up to see how I’m doing and even offering help. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  6. Shafia

    Mariam Azam taught a PMP crash course I attended in 2018. With loads of content to get through in a short week, Mariam somehow made lessons consumable and was always willing to answer questions in and out of the classroom. I ended up passing the exam with flying colors (excellent score in every section) and I credit Mariam for her dedication as an instructor and for having her door always open. Since gaining my PMP certification, I approach challenges in my project in a more systematic and logical way and have seen a significant bump in my salary. If you’re thinking about taking this course, make sure you have time to dedicate to studying and learn from the best. Thank you, Mariam!

  7. James Witherspoon

    For the first time in my career, I was tabbed as key personal on a proposal. One catch…a PMP was required for all key personnel. Subsequently, I was immediately put on the fast track to get my PMP. Coach Mariam was brought on board to help me prepare for the exam. Within a months’ time, I was prepared to sit for the PMP. Coach Mariam’s approach is Process Group centric. This allowed me to understand the logical relationships between processes, tools, techniques, inputs, and outputs versus just relying on memory recall. Thanks to Coach Mariam and a lot of studying, I passed the PMP exam!

  8. Deirdre

    An outstanding exam review preparation. I passed my PMP on the first attempt.

  9. Asha

    Adv Technical Institute does a wonderful job of training you to get your PMP certification on your first try itself. ADV will assess your study habits and provide you with an individual study road map that is easy to follow and will prepare you to pass your PMP exam on your first try! Their material is of high-quality, simplified, and fun to read! To top it off their instructors are at your disposable any time of the day! I highly recommend ADV Technical Institute to help you get your PMP, after your name! Good luck!”

  10. Johanna

    I took Mariam’s 4-day intensive PMP prep class in March and it was great. In addition to a deep dive into all the material, she gave us a lot of practical tips for how to study and how to think like the PMBOK. I passed the test on my first try! I especially appreciated all the support she gave me leading up to the test and the many practice exams she provided. I highly recommend this course.

  11. Gene

    Mariam is an amazing teacher! I was part of a company group taking the ADV 4-day PMP boot camp. The sessions were clear, to the point, and delivered in a way that encouraged learning the material. What I really liked though was the follow-through and personal commitment from Mariam. With her help, I passed the PMP exam recently and highly recommend her!

  12. Shalini

    PMP is a tough exam and you need to prepare and most importantly prepare with a plan. ADV tech prep course is sure to get you ready! Mariam is such a good instructor and motivates you like a true mentor. Her study guide simplifies the PMBOK Guide, which helped me to better understand the concepts of project management, and improved my ability to study for exam further. She is determined to keep you on track with your learning and always willing to clear your doubts with real world examples to concepts. The difference between successfully passing or failing PMP exam largely depends on how well you study and understand material. Excellent course, I highly recommend it. Thankyou Mariam for your outstanding support.

  13. Sandhya

    I attended the PMP training course at ADV technical institute by instructor Mariam. Her study guide is simply excellent. It covers the key concepts of the PMBOK guide with easily understandable processes, tools, and techniques. Along with the review sessions, she provided a ton of study materials, easy to use the app, and the PMP exam simulator. I appreciate Mariam for her passion, dedication, and commitment to periodically follow up and always be willing to help. I passed the exam on my first try with an excellent score!
    Thank you Mariam for your wonderful support and guidance!

  14. Clifton

    Course content was good. Very good class that was offered totally online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Course content mapped well to the PMB0K 6th edition. The tips and memorization techniques suggested are very good. The BEST part of the class was the Study Calendar the Mariam tailors to the Student to fit you exam timeline, and her willingness to provide additional study aids, questions, and follow-up sessions.

  15. Rafael Diaz

    It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience attending the online PMP training course lead by ADV’s Mariam Azam. She is a superb coach that provided valuable and comprehensive information in a very engaging manner. Moreover, her post-training support was also outstanding, including the exam simulator and the mobile app. She constantly motivated throughout the training until the day of the test. The supportive material was comprehensive and intuitive. I highly recommend ADV’s PMP training!!

  16. Jeff

    I participated in the ADV Technical Institutes 4-day PMP Exam Prep boot camp with several peers. This was the best class to take to pass the difficult exam. The study materials were well organized and structured to learn the PMBOK 6th edition material. The exam strategies and tips were “spot on” to aid in interpreting exam questions. The exam simulator was a great tool in preparation to sit for the exam. Mariam Azam was a fantastic and well-prepared instructor who went above and beyond post-boot camp providing support and guidance, helping me and my peers pass on the first attempt. I would highly recommend the course to anyone planning to obtain their PMP Certification.

  17. Christine

    I took Adv Technical Institute’s 4-day PMP Exam Prep virtually with a co-worker in December 2020 with Mariam. The course was intense, but Mariam does a great job going through all the material. She mailed all the course materials 4 days before the class started (printed slides, study guide, the latest copy of the PMBOK, and a few other materials to help you prepare for the exam). She also provided access to online learning tools with an exam simulator and a mobile PMP study app. She was extremely supportive and helps you stay on track. She is truly dedicated to her student’s success. We both passed the PMP exam and highly recommend Mariam!

  18. Rich

    I’d highly recommend ADV Technical Institute if you’re thinking about sitting for the PMP exam. I attended the virtual classes with Mariam due to Covid-19, and through her instruction and dedication to my success, I was well prepared for the exam. Mariam followed-up on any questions I had outside of class and provided additional materials if she sensed I needed a better understanding of a process. I was able to pass on my first attempt with ADV training and Mariam’s guidance.

  19. Teagen

    Delivered entirely online, ADV’s on-demand 1:1 experience is a great alternative for PMP test prep if you prefer a slower pace for learning vs. a week-long boot camp. The PMBOK Guide is a colossal amount of information, but Coach Mariam’s 30-day study plan, ADV’s practice exams, and the reading/reference material all made learning the material and exam strategies approachable and effective. I’d recommend this course as a great value for the individual attention to students, quality of the learning material, and successful exam outcome on the first try.

  20. Brian Arsenault

    The support provided by the ADV Technical Institute is unmatched. During the course I was able to attain all of the PDUs that successfully prepared me to take and attain my PMP certification. I couldn’t thank my teachers and Mariam Azam through the support in achieving my PMP!

  21. Carolyn

    Adv Technical Institute did a great job with training for the PMP exam. Class was very good, but Mariam Azam’s follow up with me after class was wonderful. She kept checking in with me, making suggestions for studying, practice, and test taking. She was terrific!

  22. Joseph W

    ADV was far above the pack – I was able to spend quality time with Joe the instructor which was very helpful when having questions regarding the course information – After the course ended the availability still remains for that quality one on one time which is a excellent benefit ADV offers when going through them for course training. Mariam’s communication through the whole process from signing up to receiving class materials was always there with quick turnaround response. Highly recommend ADV for all your educational training.

  23. Andrew Froncillo

    I can’t thank Mariam enough for her help getting through this PMP Certification. It can be very tedious and difficult to stay on top of. Mariam does a great job of keeping everyone in the class accountable, and making sure they stick with the process. She really cares about everyone’s success and was willing to spend extra time with each student. Thanks again Mariam!!

  24. Garv Anand

    Mariam was a great help while i was studying for the PMP exam. She had some great insight to assist me in my quest to complete and obtain my PMP certification.

  25. Richard B.

    I want to thank Mariam and ADV Technical Institute for all of the help with training, coaching, reference materials and genuine encouragement to get me across the winning line of certification with a PMP designation!!! Mariam is a great instructor, unrelenting in her pursuit of excellence in her subjects. I certainly left the training with confidence if I stay on course with the materials and resources provided the exam would be a breeze. This has proven to be correct! I highly recommend ADV /Mariam as a training vehicle to get you across the goal post!! Thanks for everything.

  26. Haroon Khadim

    ADV is a fantastic, resourceful, and very well-updated institute that provides excellent services. Mariam Azam is an exceptional individual who always tirelessly supported me to get my PMP and achieve the above target. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

  27. Asha

    Adv Technical Institute does a wonderful job of training you to get your PMP certification on your first try itself. ADV will assess your study habits and provide you with an individual study road map that is easy to follow and will prepare you to pass your PMP exam on your first try! Their material is of high-quality, simplified, and fun to read! To top it off their instructors are at your disposable any time of the day! I highly recommend ADV Technical Institute to help you get your PMP, after your name! Good luck!”

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