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pmp - Is the pmp worth it

Thinking about getting your PMP® but don’t know if it’s truly worth your time and investment.

Having over 15 years of experience in the project management field—both as a practitioner and instructor—I am always questioned about the project management field and if it’s truly beneficial to have the certification.

What is my answer to this vital question?

The PMP® is THE MOST important industry-recognized certification for project managers. The PMP is global; you will find PMPs across the globe leading successful projects.

What are my top reasons for choosing this certification path?

1. Useful in All Industries

Have you heard the quote “Go Where your Dreams Take You”? The advantage of having a certification
in project management is that it’s not industry specific. One can work in any industry s/he
desires. Thinking of switching industries? Then the PMP® is absolutely for you! Project management
is something we do every day, even in our own personal lives. Remember the definition of a project
is “a temporary endeavor,” meaning it has a start and finish date. Moving, planning an event,
going grocery shopping are all examples of projects. Did a light bulb go off? Yes, you are
constantly working on projects, whether be it professionally or personally. I went from a being a
project manager in the IT industry to one in Health care.
Once you are PMP® certified, chances of landing your dream job increases drastically. In addition,
you will be exposed to various work scenarios that will help maintain your Professional Development
Units (PDUs).

You may find that, like me, the best part is learning the in’s and out’s of different organizations and meeting people with diverse backgrounds. This can also widen your range of networking capabilities.

2. Salary Advantages 

The sooner you achieve the PMP® the sooner you will be on your way to boosting your salary – a major benefit of this certification. In effect, your financial goals for 2020 will become a reality. The 10th Edition of the PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey reports on earnings from over 33,000 professional across the globe. Within the survey participants, those holding the PMP® certification reported higher median salaries (23% higher on average across the 37 countries surveyed) than those without a PMP.

3. Continuous Learning

I love to learn! Learning new things is key to a successful project manager. In this role, you will
utilize existing knowledge and create new knowledge to be exchanged with the organization & people,
building on continuous success. Each project you manage will be unique, thus helping you widen your a
area of expertise. Different projects require different approaches, technologies, and skills. In
addition, when you get PMP® certified, you will have access to many professional development
opportunities, enabling you to enhance your performance and marketability.

In conclusion, when you love what you do, you don’t see it as a job. If you love change, learning new things, meeting diverse people and much more, then project management is for you!

Don’t wait another day longer for the raise you deserve!

Check out our Facebook support group for tips on passing the exam on the first try!

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