About Us

Established in 2014 ADV Technical Institute is a leader in the provision of educational services to meet the global trend of the 21st Century industry in dire need of competitive and efficient productive initiatives. Our interactive training approach coupled with expert industry instructors offer students with the expertise needed to add value to their organizations and advance in their IT careers.

We have created innovative, user-friendly packages that are now available to clients across the globe in order to enhance individual and corporate performance. Our services are our testimonies.

Why choose ADV Technical Institute?
Our mission is to ensure you achieve your educational goals. We train, mentor and provide community support to ensure our students receive the skills and expertise needed to excel in their careers.

Our training provides


Over 20 years of combined experience in various IT industries


Up to date and high-quality training materials


Expert instructors that are reliable and bring practical knowledge to the classroom


Private networking community to help students remain in an atmosphere of learning and support


Mentor support for resume writing, job interviewing and career placement


Empower our students to work hard and reach their potential with our premium and life-changing tools and in-person courses.


Provide affordable, accessible and adaptive training to help our students succeed and learn.


Dependable and well-grounded in consistently meeting student’s expectations and needs.  Reliability is the pillar on which we have become trusted as advisor to our students.


Cooperation, teamwork and open communication. Collaboration is about gearing efforts in an alliance and channeling them to ensuring our services meet our student’s needs and requirements.


Honesty, transparency and trustworthiness are our watchwords. We hold this to a very high esteem in our obligations and transactions.